Incense Sticks

Our sticks are hand-dipped in resin. Made with all natural ingredients, our stick incense comes in eight delightful fragrances: Sweetgrass, Sweetgrass & Sage, Lavender & Roses, Amazonian (Breuzinho), Cedar, Copal, Sage and Piñon. 10/pkg.

Bring the sacredness of the forest into your home.

Burning these ancient American Indian herbs will purify your dwelling with a beautiful, blessed fragrance. Easy to use and ecologically sound, Native Scents Incense Wands respond to the growing interest in ritual ceremony.


Our stick incense comes in 10 delightful fragrances: 
Amazonian Incense
Cedar Incense
Copal Incense
Dragon's Blood Incense
Lavender & Roses Incense
Sage Incense
Sweetgrass Incense
Sweetgrass & Sage Incense
Piñon Incense
White Sage Incense

This long-burning incense is made of 100% natural aromatic botanicals used in native American traditions. Blended to produce a light but powerful smoke they enhance traditional ceremonies and offer a practical solution to the timeless art of smudging.