Desert Sage Baby Smudge Sticks - 4 pack

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Are 3” long and are made with Taos desert sage.

They are ideal for a single smudging and they make affordable, thoughtful gifts.


Native Scents smudge bundles are an all-natural ceremonial incense, traditionally burned in Native American rituals such as sweat lodges. Increasingly, doctors, therapists, and body workers are discovering the beneficial aspects of these herbs. Smudge bundles or smudge sticks are one of the means by which people around the world are reconnecting with the power of Mother Earth.


A smudge stick is a bundle of dried herbs, usually bound with string into a small bundle. The herbs are later burned as part of a ritual or ceremony. Plants that are often used include sage and cedar. Using scent and scented smoke in religious rites is an element common to many religions and cultures worldwide.


Traditionally, sage and cedar smoke have been used to clear negative energies or evil spirits from a space. This is done through ‘smudging’ which means to burn the herbs while the smoke purifies what it touches. Many people smudge themselves, their items, pets, a room or a whole property to clear out the negative energy.


All of our smudge sticks are 100% natural botanicals and hand picked by our Native friends in their local regions. These plants were gathered in a respectful and ecological manner, as our company holds a great deal of respect for our Mother Earth. These bundles were created for tools of ceremony, ritual, and personal empowerment.


Medicinal Use (from


Big sagebrush was used as an herbal medicine by Native Americans throughout the Intermountain West of North America—especially for preventing infection in wounds, stopping internal bleeding, and treating headaches and colds. Chemically, the active medicinal constituents include camphor, terpenoids, and tannins.


The Navajo used the vapors of sagebrush as a treatment for headache. The Okanagan and Colville people used sagebrush to smoke hides.


Among the Zuni people, an infusion of the leaves is used externally for body aches. The infusion is also taken as a cold medicine. It is also placed in shoes to treat athlete's foot, fissures between toes, and as a foot deodorant.


About Our Company:

Native Scents is located in the foothills of the Taos Mountain in northern New Mexico. We are proud to provide quality herbs, smudges, incense wands and sticks, and other ceremonial tools and sacred plants.

All of our bundles, smudges, mushrooms and herbs are ecologically grown, hand-picked and locally processed and packaged.



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