Abalone Shell with 3 Mini Smudge Bundles

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Abalone Shell with 3 Mini Smudges

Abalone has long been used as a Smudging Bowl.

This item includes:

  • 1 baby White Sage smudge bundle (Salvia apiana)
  • 1 baby Desert Sage smudge bundle (Artemisia tridentata)
  • 1 baby Juniper smudge bundle OR
  • 1 baby Sweetgrass braid (Hierochloe odorata)

The shells of abalones have a low open spiral structure, and are characterized by several open respiratory pores in a row near the shell's outer edge. The thick inner layer of the shell is composed of nacre (mother-of-pearl), which in many species is highly iridescent, giving rise to a range of strong changeable colors, which make the shells attractive to humans as decorative objects, jewelry, and as a source of colorful mother-of-pearl.

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