A while back, we wrote about the shortages of White Sage due to over-harvesting and drought conditions in California. White sage is a native of California and favors a hot, dry climate. Due to climate changes, over-harvesting, and water shortages in California, this plant is in great danger. On top of the ongoing problem of over-harvesting and drought conditions, fires in California last year damaged much of the land where the native plant traditionally grows.  Though thesage is showing signs of a comeback, time and careis needed for regrowth and repair. Even then, the issues still stand regarding drought and over-harvesting of wild white sage.

This winter, we began to set into place a plan to introduce more sustainability in regards to our White Sage supply. Our intentions are not only to continue consistently providing White Sage to our customers, but also to build a more mindful practice regarding sage cultivation and harvesting, while keeping great attention to the use of our precious  and diminishing water supply and upholding the integrity of the land and soil. We believe it is our responsibility to create an ethically produced product, keeping in alignment with the 

We partnered with a southern Californian and lifelong friend of Native Scents to find a solution. We now have 3000 White Sage plants being cultivated in southern California, watered by a drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation is an efficient and economical method of watering. Used commonly in dry regions with scarce water resources, this irrigation method is typically more efficient at allowing plants to use the water applied. Unlike other forms of irrigation, such as sprinklers that are only 65-75% efficient, drip irrigation reduces runoff and evaporation.Drip irrigation applies the water slowly at the plant root zone where it is needed. 

By this fall, we expect to have our first harvest of cultivated white sage. We will continue to keep you updated as we transition from wild to cultivated white sage. 


Native Scents – White Sage