Native American Prisoner Program

Native Prisoner FlagAs Archie Fire Lame Deer's fireman in the 1970's, we would provide Inipi in multiple Federal Californian Prisons - Lompoc, San Quentin, Victorville, San Pedro. Those connections firmed up my commitment to helping these men and women to be supported at time of need to become whole. Spiritual connection while incarcerated is a sort of strength in community. To that end, we have and continue to provide material support to Native prisoners wherever they me be spending time. 

Native American Prisoners are a marginalized people, caught in a system that leaves them isolated and in need. Native Scents has serviced 30 Federal Correctional Facilities across the country, sending materials for their Inipi (sweat lodges).

Because Reservations are federaly overseen, most convicts go to a federal penitentiary. The AIRFA of 1979 requires the federal government to provide access to traditional tools and medicines to all First Nations people for their traditional practices.

Since 2011, we have noticed a drop in the number of requests from prisoners from about one letter per day, to about one letter per week. Due to the prisons choosing to no longer fund ceremonial tools and ritual herbs for their inmates, we see a need we can help fill. Currently we are receiving requests for donations of herbs and books for ceremonial use.  

Our Native brothers and sisters not getting to practice their traditional practices while in prison is a major concern of ours. Traditions are one of very few things that support, nurture and aid people in prison.

After decades of donating we are running low on resources to provide to this growing need in the Native American prison population.

If you would like to support this project, or
have a particular prison you would like to receive our products, 
please call us at

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Prisons we work with

  • Seagoville, Texas
  • Vennettsville, South Carolina
  • Danbury, Connecticut
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Three Rivers, Texas
  • Waseca, Minnesota

Requested Products

  • Sweetgrass
  • Cedar
  • Sage
  • Kinnick-kinnick
  • Plants of Power
  • Native Plants Native Healing

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These are a few of the appreciation letters we've recieved. 

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 Cowasuck Appreciation Certificate


 Cowasuck Thank You Letter

 Inmate Group Thank You Letter

Inmate Thank You Letter



Packed Smudges

Packed Smudges by Native Scents An all-natural ceremonial incense traditionally burned in Native American rituals such as sweat lodges.

View Smudges!

Resins by the Pound

Resins by the Pound by Native Scents
Frankincense, Myrrh, Dragon's Blood, Copal Oro (Gold) - used for hundreds of years - all valuable commodities in ancient trade routes.

View Resins by the Pound!


Books by Native Scents
Plants of Power: Native American Ceremony and the Use of Sacred Plants, Native Plants Native Healing, Traditional Muskogee Way

View Books!

Incense Sticks

incense sticks natural oils and resins in the following fragrances: pinon sage, cedar, copal, sage, white sage, sweetgrass, sweetgrass sage, amazonian, handmade in Taos NM, all natural Our sticks are hand-dipped in resin. Made with all natural ingredients, our stick incense comes in eight delightful fragrances.

View Incense Sticks! 

Sweetgrass Braids

Herbs by the Pound by Native Scents
Sweet grass is an aromatic herb used in herbal medicine and in the production of distilled beverages.

View Sweetgrass Braids!

Herbs by the Ounce

Herbs by the Ounce by Native Scents
White Sage Clusters, Desert Sage, Osha Root - cultivated or gathered in a sustainable way to protect the health of the habitat.

View Resins by the Pound!


Chaga tins web

We are exited to add a new line of Peronsal and Self-Care produts. 


Aromatic Resins

Aromatic Resins by Native Scents
Incense resins are used in various ceremonies to purify and protect. The Aztec and Mayan people consider many to be the "Food of the Gods."

View Aromatic Resins!

Herbal Sachets

Herbal Sachets by Native Scents
In muslin bags - just the right size to tuck into your dresser drawer or in the glove compartment of your car to add a gentle, refreshing fragrance.

View Herbal Sachets!

Herbs by the Pound

Herbs by the Pound by Native Scents
Desert Sage, Cedar Leaf, Juniper Leaf, Lavender Flowers, Pinon Pine Needles, White Sage Leaf, Yerba Santa Leaf, and Balsam Fir.

View Herbs by the Pound!

Art & Curios

Art & Curios by Native Scents
Glass perfume bottles hand-made in Egypt. Each set contains 4 different style bottles; perfect to hold your favorite perfumes or essential oils!

View Art & Curios!

Dream Pillows

Dream Pillows by Native Scents
Herbal Dream Pillows are filled with a blend of herbs crafted to encourage dreamtime, thought, and vision.

View Dream Pillows!


kinnick-kinnick.jpg by Native Scents
Kinnick-Kinnick is a traditional herbal smoking mixture of wild-crafted herbs, used in ceremonial pipes as offerings and for pleasure.

View Kinnick-Kinnick!


Salt jars bowl web

Check out our artisanal selection of mushroom-infused sea salts.


Earth Treasures Crystals


Since the beginning of time, crystals have been used for healing, protection, and ritual purposes.

Check out our Earth Treasures Crystals.

Earth Treasures Crystals